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Hill's Cafe Already Reopened; Rib-Sticking Food; Food Truck Health Inspections

WAY SOUTH CONGRESSHill's Cafe suffered a two alarm fire this morning, and already they are open for dinner. They will also be serving their traditional Thanksgiving buffet on Thursday. [Eaterwire]

COLDWEATHERWIREZagat posted a slideshow of their top picks for "rib-sticking" food around town. Recommendations include comfort-food mecca Jack Allen's Kitchen, Tex-Mex classics at Matt's Famous El Rancho and The Vegan Yacht. [Zagat]

FOODTRUCKWIREThe Statesman reports on the complicated world of food truck health inspections. More food trucks fail their health inspections than brick-and-mortar restaurants, in part because operating a food truck can be a logistical nightmare. A regular restaurant does not have to worry about finding a water supply on a regular basis, for instance. Also, the Austin Health Department's standards are very, very high. Brain Rauschuber of Nutter Buster BBQ & Comfort says, "If you pass the Austin inspection, you can pass the inspection anywhere." [Statesman]
[Photo: Hill's Cafe/Facebook]

Hill's Cafe

4700 South Congress, Austin, TX