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Garage, a New High-Design Craft Cocktail Bar, is Opening in an Actual Garage

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Photos: Meghan McCarron/EATX

Garage, a new craft cocktail bar downtown, is setting up shop in an actual garage. The high-design space is tucked into the parking garage of midcentury modern Starr Building. The bar's interior is being designed by metalworker Mickie Spencer of East Side Showroom fame, and neon artist Evan Voyles will be designing the sign. Behind the bar is Chauncey James, previously of East Side Showroom. He tells Eater:

"The concept is pretty straightforward. Handmade drinks, engaging atmosphere. The devil is in the details. There are some tricks up our sleeve but the intention one of soul and simplicity."

Garage is shooting for a December opening. James adds, "I will be behind the stick as your head Barman serving STRONG holiday cheer!" The bar currently has an Instagram account, which features behind-the-scenes looks at Spencer's and Voyles's work on the space.
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503 Colorado Street Suite 100 Austin , TX 78701