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Odam's Top 50 Restaurants; Chronicle's F1 Guide

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Photo: Raymond Thompson/EATX

Statesman food critic Matthew Odam has released this year's update of his Top 50 Restaurants in Austin. In the #1 spot is Bryce Gilmore's Barley Swine for their local and seasonal "Texas cuisine." Gilmore's focus on local sourcing in addition to the restaurant's "creativity and technique, " makes Barley Swine "the most exciting restaurant in the city."

The top ten includes Lenoir and Foreign & Domestic, as well as newcomers Sway and Qui. The top ten overall is not a huge shift from last year's rankings. Restaurants dropped from the top 50 entirely include Kome, Hillside Farmacy, and Salty Sow, as well as the shuttered SPIN Modern Thai and renovating Titaya's.

Update! Odam's article is paywalled, but The Statesman has a web app with the entire list available for free.

Meanwhile, The Chronicle has posted a flurry of reviews/recommendations for spots "within 25 miles" of the Circuit of the Americas for the "prudent gearhead." Their highlights include breakfast at Maxine's in Bastrop and "rock-solid Mexican fare at great prices, in the middle of nowhere" at Red Rock's El Borrego de Oro.
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Barley Swine [Closed]

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