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Voss Fish & Grill is 'Boss;' 10 Classic Austin Restaurants

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Mick Vann at The Chronicle visits Voss Fish & Grill this week . He is so surprised to find a great "fish taco" at a Bangladeshi restaurant that he declares, "Punch my eyes out, I've seen it all." On the food: "We tried the sole (shoul in Bengali) pasa bangla fillet ($6.99), which is a good-sized fillet cooked on the griddle and coated with Mamun's concoction of masala mix, which contains 19 spices. The fish is actually Channa striata, or Snakehead murrel, which I've eaten often in Thailand, a wonderfully sweet freshwater fillet with a medium flaky texture. Place this in chapatti flatbread, top with salad and his masala-ranch dressing, and you have one of the best, fattest fish tacos in town." He heaps more praise on the extensive menu from there, though he warns that the restaurant runs out of items with some regularity. Vann is also a fan of the friendly owners. [Chronicle]

In lieu of a review, The Statesman profiles ten "veterans" of the Austin dining scene. Each restaurant answered the same list, and their answers to "What was your weirdest night?" run the gamut from a knock-down, plate-throwing kitchen fight at Chinatown to a homeless guy's fire burning down Mother's Cafe and Garden. Also, a large number of Austin restaurants, from County Line to Fonda San Miguel to Wink, have been menaced by flooding. [Statesman]

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1014 North Lamar Boulevard, , TX 78703 (512) 482-8868 Visit Website

Mother's Cafe & Garden

4215 Duval Street, Austin, TX 78751 512 451 3994 Visit Website

Voss Fish & Grill

9717 N Lamar Blvd Austin, TX 78753