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Lustre Pearl Slammed with a $40K Fine after a Fatal Car Wreck

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The Austin Business Journal reports that Rainey Street bar Lustre Pearl will pay TABC $900 a day for 45 days due to the 2012 wreck that killed Ryan Whittington, who had previously been drinking at the Bridget-Dunlap-owned hot spot. Dunlap reached this agreement with TABC as an alternative to Lustre Pearl losing its license to serve for 45 days.

This is not Lustre's first brush with tragedies resulting from patrons driving under the influence. TABC recommended Lustre be shut down back in March due to another crash following a patron being overserved. Further more, both Dunlap-owned Clive Bar and Lustre Pearl are being sued over two other, additional D.U.I. fatalities as well. In a statement about their recent fine, a representative for Dunlap notes that, "We have revised and improved our 'Responsible Alcohol Use' policy."
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