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Where are the Best Places to Eat North of 183?

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Asia Cafe.
Asia Cafe.
Photo: Raymond Thompson/EATX

ACL is taking over downtown Austin for the next two weekends, which means there is no godly reason for the un-wristbanded to brave a meal out in the city's central core. Happily, skipping ACL is a perfect excuse to explore the dining delights of Austin neighborhoods far off the festival track.

There's been a great deal of chatter lately about the ethnic food wonders of the city, especially in North Austin. From the the delights of Asia Cafe to vegetarian offerings at Swad, not to mention the nationally-recognized precision of Ramen Tatsu-Ya, North Austin is bursting with culinary possibilities. Eater readers, where are your favorite places to eat adjacent to/north of 183? Where are the under-the-radar, authentic, and/or seriously delicious places that everyone needs to try?

Leave your recommendations in the comments, or email the tipline. For those of you who have yet to join in on the comment fun, all you need is an email and a username. The results will be fodder for a map next week.