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Shaman Performed a 'Spiritual Cleansing' at Due Forni

Photo: Due Forni/Official

Due Forni, the Vegas-based pizzeria opening in the Littlefield Building at 6th and Congress, has encountered challenges "related to the historic building." The space is rumored to be haunted, so they called in a shaman to do an "energetic and spiritual cleansing." The shaman did indeed detect the presence of "discarnate beings" and burned sage, pictured above.

Before you judge: opening a restaurant is really stressful, guys. People have probably done things even crazier than this. Probably. Due Forni uses two ovens to serve up both Neapolitan and Roman-style pies which were recently voted the best pizza in the city by Eater Vegas's readers. The pizzeria is hoping to open by Thanksgiving, if permitting/construction/exorcisms go as planned.
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Due Forni [Closed]

106 E Sixth St, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 391-9300 Visit Website

Due Forni

106 E 6th St., Austin, TX