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Daniel Vaughn's Regular & Meat Hangover Cures

Daniel Vaughn, Texas's resident barbecue editor, has two cures to share."For an actual hangover: A 32 ounce Limon Pepino (Lime Cucumber) Gatorade and Goody's Headache Powder. The powder has acetaminophen and loads of caffeine. Very important to rush the medicine to your veins, but not as important as hydration. Just be careful not to gag on the powder. No jokes about gagging on Limon Pepino. It's delicious.

For a meat hangover: Massive amounts of protein do not improve the efficiency of one's large intestine. Down a banana, a greasy cheeseburger with lots of mayo, and very large salad of leafy greens, oil & vinegar. The mixture will improve efficiency pretty expediently. Don't leave the house until your GI tract has been properly evacuated."
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