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Alfonso Hernandez of Pleasant Storage Room's Cure

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To wrap up Hangover Power Hour, here's a lengthy bit of advice from head barman of forthcoming punch-focused spot Pleasant Storage Room, Alfonso Hernandez: "Punch has reserved a special place in drinking culture that has seen its delights and abuses throughout history. But it still remains that a good ole romp had with merry folks around a punch bowl is something quite magical.

Unfortunately lurking at the bottom of that bowl is something sinister that takes the form of a rather debilitating hangover the following morning. I can honestly say though, it's the most regret-free hangover I've ever experienced given the fun I had making it and enjoying it with good company.

So my arsenal to combat this dreadful little bastard between the eyes is two fold. First, I make a vow to have one less cup of punch next time. Second, I proceed to drink a copious amount of Coconut water with lime and a heavy handed dose of Angostura bitters. This is very similar to a cocktail crafted by the late and great Ernest Hemingway called the Green Issacs Special. If you are one to prescribe to the "hair of the dog" routine I would suggest trying out this cocktail. It calls for 2 oz Gin, 4 oz green coconut water, juice of half a lime, and enough angostura to impart to it a rusty pinkish color."
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