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Hangovers While Parenting

shawncirkielnew-thumbpower.jpgShawn Cirkiel of Parkside, Olive & June, the Backspace, and the forthcoming Radisson project: "I have two little kids, so no matter what happens I have to get up. My favorite story is after a christmas part a few years ago, we were drinking shochu, sake and beers until about 4:30am, and that next morning was the very first day of daddy gymnastics with my daughter. Literally, I got home at 4:30, went to bed at 5:30, and I woke up at 7:30 to get a cup of coffee and a water. When I took my daughter to gymnastics, I used to smoke back then and I stank like cigarettes and booze, and I had to go jump on a trampoline. I personally don't think there is any cure for that morning." [Eaterwire]

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