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The Eater Austin Hangover Cure Bible

Photo: Molly G./Yelp

For Hangover Power Hour, Eater invited Austin food professionals and enthusiasts to share their hangover cures. From pastry chef Jodi Elliott to beer monger Ben Siegel, barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn to vegan restauranteur Sue Davis, Austin's best and brightest are here to help. Check out their extensive guide below, and bookmark it for the next time you go to the White Horse.

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June Rodil, the Director of Operations at Qui and a trained sommelier, says her wine hangover cure is "champagne! --immediately after you wake. I like to tell myself that the tiny, magical bubbles settle my stomach and headache like alka-seltzer, it just tastes waaaaaay better."

Jarod Neece, also known as Taco Jouranlism and one half of Austin Breakfast Tacos: "The best hangover cure for me is an order of "migas with cheese please" from Tamale House on Airport Blvd. It makes me want to get drunk just thinking about it!"

Mando Rayo, the other half of the Austin Breakfast Tacos team: "If you can put Menudo in a tortilla I'd eat that every time I'm hungover. At home it's my Fried Egg Taco topped with muenster cheese & rajas & onions. On the street it's the Tacos Dorados de Barbacoa from Taqueria Chapala on Cesar Chavez. See I got a spot for every "hangover" occasion!"

Ben Siegel of Banger's: "Well the best cure for a hangover is not to get one in the first place. The trick there is to chug a water after each beer. However, if you forget to do that, and you wake up feeling like someone stepped on your head and a leprechaun pooped in your mouth I recommend smoking a natural unnamed herbal remedy and chugging some Pedialyte?"

Ben Runkle of Salt & Time has no, er, time for your crazy hangover cures. He says, "Is there anything better than bacon & eggs!?"

Jodi Elliott, the pastry chef at Foreign & Domestic and the brains behind forthcoming dessert bar Bribery: "I love chocolate cake and Diet Coke to cure a hangover! It's really a good combo - especially for breakfast."

Sue Davis of vegan comfort food eatery Counter Culture Cafe: "I would say fresh ginger juice mixed with Kombucha of any flavor, OR fresh coconut water."

Steph Opitz just wrapped up running the biggest book festival and party in town, the Texas Book Festival and Lit Crawl. To cure her literary hangovers: "Kombucha, sushi (I know! Counter-intuitive but really good, fresh raw fish works for me), and space--I need to be able to stretch out"

Chiai Matsumoto of Ramen Tatsu-Ya reports: "Tatsu's cure is miso soup and Shion's cures are iced coffee, coconut water and a bowl of ol' skool (lunch ramen)."

Mike McKim of Cuvee Coffee cautions, "Although caffeine can give you a little pick me up, coffee is one of the worst things to drink for a hangover as it can cause dehydration."

Drew Franklin, an Eater commenter, says "You grab the hair of the dog that bit you and have an alcoholic drink. I like many have a bloody mary with antioxidants and vitamins the body craves. The new alcohol is telling your body to do away with the old and starts healing. If you have too many drinks you will be drunk once again. I usually have two. Sugar is the biggest reason we get hangovers. Can you imagine the sugar intake from one bourbon and coke??? Mucho! that is why I drink my jack & cokes with diet coke. The whiskey is so sweet you don't hardly even notice it."

Shawn Cirkiel of Parkside, Olive & June, the Backspace, and the forthcoming Radisson project:

"I have two little kids, so no matter what happens I have to get up. My favorite story is after a christmas part a few years ago, we were drinking shochu, sake and beers until about 4:30am, and that next morning was the very first day of daddy gymnastics with my daughter. Literally, I got home at 4:30, went to bed at 5:30, and I woke up at 7:30 to get a cup of coffee and a water. When I took my daughter to gymnastics, I used to smoke back then and I stank like cigarettes and booze, and I had to go jump on a trampoline. I personally don't think there is any cure for that morning. Otherwise, I have a good breakfast of eggs, coconut water and double espresso and start my day"

Alfonso Hernandez, the head barman of forthcoming punch-focused spot Pleasant Storage Room, has some lengthy thoughts on punch:

"Punch has reserved a special place in drinking culture that has seen its delights and abuses throughout history. But it still remains that a good ole romp had with merry folks around a punch bowl is something quite magical.

Unfortunately lurking at the bottom of that bowl is something sinister that takes the form of a rather debilitating hangover the following morning. I can honestly say though, it's the most regret-free hangover I've ever experienced given the fun I had making it and enjoying it with good company.

So my arsenal to combat this dreadful little bastard between the eyes is two fold. First, I make a vow to have one less cup of punch next time. Second, I proceed to drink a copious amount of Coconut water with lime and a heavy handed dose of Angostura bitters. This is very similar to a cocktail crafted by the late and great Ernest Hemingway called the Green Issacs Special. If you are one to prescribe to the "hair of the dog" routine I would suggest trying out this cocktail. It calls for 2 oz Gin, 4 oz green coconut water, juice of half a lime, and enough angostura to impart to it a rusty pinkish color."

Daniel Vaughn, Texas's resident barbecue editor, has two cures to share."

For an actual hangover: A 32 ounce Limon Pepino (Lime Cucumber) Gatorade and Goody's Headache Powder. The powder has acetaminophen and loads of caffeine. Very important to rush the medicine to your veins, but not as important as hydration. Just be careful not to gag on the powder. No jokes about gagging on Limon Pepino. It's delicious.

For a meat hangover: Massive amounts of protein do not improve the efficiency of one's large intestine. Down a banana, a greasy cheeseburger with lots of mayo, and very large salad of leafy greens, oil & vinegar. The mixture will improve efficiency pretty expediently. Don't leave the house until your GI tract has been properly evacuated."

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