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Jodi Elliott on Dessert, Bake Sales, and Bribery

Last week, the Austin Chronicle reported that Jodi Elliott, the acclaimed pastry chef at Foreign & Domestic, will be opening her own bakery and dessert bar called Bribery. Elliott is still in lease negotiations, but she intends to open up in East Austin in early 2014.

Eater spoke with the chef about her plans for the new concept, which will be a bakery during the day and a dessert bar at night. Elliott confesses that, "It was never a dream of mine to open a bakery," but the success of her weekend bake sales at Foreign & Domestic changed her outlook. She says Bribery will be an extension of the weekend bake sales rather than a true bakery that does "little kids' birthday cakes." During the day, the rotating menu will feature "sweet and savory" offerings like croissants and "desserts in a jar." The coffee program will be done in partnership with Casa Brazil, since Elliott is not a coffee drinker. "I love the smell, but I don't drink it."

Bribery will transform at night into a very "adult space" offering cocktails, beer, and wine, as well as desserts running the gamut from "fancy" to "homey." Elliott says she loves a "composed" dessert, but more often than not she craves "a brownie sundae." Elliott will also be directly involved in the cocktail program, since when she worked in New York kitchens, the pastry department often made the syrups, jams, and compotes that were featured in cocktails. Elliott confirms that she's looking in the section of East Austin "where all the action is" so nighttime patrons can easily walk to Bribery from nearby restaurants and bars.

Elliott says there are dessert bars around the country, but it's something Austin is "lacking." She calls Bribery "a dream come true," since she can utilize "all aspects" of her career. She hopes to be open by "March-ish."
[Photo: Aimee Wenske]
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