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Ozersky Calls NYC the "Best Barbecue City," Releases the Meatopia TX Menu

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Writer and festival entrepreneur Josh Ozersky says that New York City is "the best barbecue city" in the country, according to the Eater National mothership and Esquire magazine. Texas gets mad respect, but only statewide.

Texas is the best barbecue region in the country, or for that matter, in the world... there is no individual city in Texas that has more than four or five really first-class barbecues. Not Dallas, not Austin, not Houston, not Lockhart or Elgin. New York doesn't have an Aaron Franklin, or a Rick Schmidt (to name two Texas barbecue gods) but it has no less than 8 or 9 legitimately good barbecue restaurants.
According to Austin's Fed Man Walking, the city boasts a massive number of barbecue options, and Austinites can reach the "cities" of Lockhart and Elgin in less time than most New Yorkers spend on their commute. How sad not to live in the barbecue mecca of New York City.

Meanwhile, Ozersky's Meatopia Texas festival, which is being held in at the Pearl Brewery complex in San Antonio on November 2-3, has released their full menu. Of the 32 participating chefs, seven are from Austin: Paul Qui, chefs-about-town Rene Ortiz and Laura Sawicki, Foreign & Domestic's Ned Elliott, Dai Due's Jesse Griffiths, The Carillon's Josh Watkins, and Salt & Time's Ben Runkle and Bryan Butler. Austin barbecue talent will be at the Texas Monthly BBQ Fest, happening the same weekend. The Austinite Meatopia offerings, per the press release, are below.

The Austin contributions to Meatopia include:

Paul Qui of Qui (Austin, TX)
Qui, Winner of Bravo's "Top Chef," will prepare the pork-centric Philipino classic, sizzling sisig.

Rene Ortiz (Austin, TX)
Finalist for 2013 James Beard Award for Best Chef: Southwest, Ortiz will serve charcoal grilled chicken with pixie chili paste, palm sugar, black vinegar and cumin.

Laura Sawicki (Austin, TX)
Finalist for 2013 James Beard nominee for Outstanding Pastry Chef and 2013 CultureMap's Tastemaker Award winner for Best Pastry Chef, Sawicki will feature one of her specialty desserts.

Ned Elliott of Foreign & Domestic (Austin, TX)
Finalist of Food & Wine magazine's "The People's Best New Chef: 2012 Southwest", Elliott, a major force in the world of cutting-edge meat cookery, will prepare a dish with crispy grilled lamb ribs.

Josh Watkins of The Carillon (Austin, TX)
2012 Star Chef Austin-San Antonio Rising Star winner, Watkins will be serving grilled olive oil poached beef tenderloin with potato puree, sweet smoked syrup and paprika.

Ben Runkle & Bryan Butler of Salt & Time (Austin, TX)
Named one of the top 10 Best New School Butcher Shops in America by First We Feast, Salt & Time will offer a selection of house made sausages, salumi and charcuterie to VIP guests.

Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due (Austin, TX)
Winner of Edible Communities 2012 Local Hero/Food Artisan Award and 2013 James Beard book award nominee for single-subject with Afield: A Chef's Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish, Griffiths will prepare doves for the VIP section.
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Pearl Brewery

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