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Where is the Best Neighborhood Tex-Mex in Austin?

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Welcome to another edition of Friday Open Threads, when readers are invited to go responsibly wild in the comment section on the topic of where you, comrades in restaurant obsession, like to eat and drink in Austin.

No matter how much Austin has grown and changed over the past five, ten, or twenty years, it remains in its heart a Tex-Mex town. The recently updated Eater 38 features classics like Matt's El Rancho and new school interpretations from Veracruz All Natural. But every Austin neighborhood boasts at least one solid Tex-Mex restaurant, and most worth their salt boast way more. What place around the corner has enchiladas worth dreaming about, or migas better than your mother's? Where is the best neighborhood Tex-Mex in Austin?

Don't be selfish with your neighborhood secrets: share the love (or lack thereof) in the comments or drop your under-the-radar picks down the tipline. The results will be fodder for a map next week.
[Photo: El Meson/Official]

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