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Check Out Torchy's Taco Cannon War Response Video

A few weeks ago, Fun Fun Fun Fest began throwing shade at Torchy's Tacos, claiming Torchy's stole the music fest's idea for a taco cannon. Now, Torchy's has released a biting response video, which gives their side of the taco cannon story and calls out the Fest for "dragging our name through the mud," all to the tune of the Dandy Warhols's "We Used to Be Friends."

It all started when Fun Fun Fun Fest partnered with Torchy's in 2012 to launch tacos from a modified teeshirt cannon. According to Torchy's, the Austin mini-chain helped perfect the ammunition, hosted events with said cannon, and "even housed the damn thing." In anticipation of the 2013 Fun Fun Fun Fest, Torchy's built a new cannon, only to find out the Fest was planning on partnering with Tamale House instead and had trademarked the name "taco cannon."

When Torchy's set up their "Taco Dream Machine" cannon-like launching device outside of their newly reopened store on the Drag, Fun Fun Fun accused them of having a "false taco cannon" that could cause "irritable bowel syndrome." Torchy's response is that food launchers have been around for "decades," and they ask, "Do you think you invented the music festival too?"

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