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Umami Mia Drops Balls, Blue Ox Barbecue Impresses

Photo: Spencer Selvidge/EATX

The Chronicle filed three reviews this week: one extensive look at Umami Mia Pizzeria, and two shorter write-ups, one of Blue Ox Barbecue and the other on the new Barton Springs Neighborhood Food Court.

Melanie Haupt finds that Umami Mia Pizzeria is trying to "juggle so many big ideas," that they are "bound to drop a ball or two." The "standard Italian-American fare" includes a salad of "rusty romaine hearts" that the critic sent back, and "bland, lukewarm meatballs" in a sandwich. The Prosciutto and Fig pizza gets better marks, with the ingredients "mingling beautifully." The restaurant claims to be farm to table, which "doesn't really bear itself out in the quality of the food." The "oppressive" noise level doesn't help matters.

Meanwhile, Mick Vann visits Blue Ox Barbecue, which serves "the juiciest smoked pork I've ever eaten." Vann is also a fan of the pork rib's "tender bite" and the brisket's "spicy, smoky crust." The only downside was the sauce, which was "a little sweet and tomato-y for my blood." Virginia Wood profiles the offerings at the Barton Springs Neighborhood Food Court, a "welcoming" place with offerings "to satisfy every palate." Many of the trucks are familiar to Austinites, with the newest arrivals being "authentic" The Chaat Shop and "the freshest fruit cups" at Mister FruitCup.
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Umami Mia Pizzeria

1500 Barton Springs Rd. Austin TX