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El Nuevo Mexico Gets Crunchy; Best Craft Brews Of 2012

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Here's where Austin food bloggers and Rob Balon ate this week.

TACO JOURNALISM — Taco expert Mando Rayo gets crunchy at El Nuevo Mexico in Crestview, giving the little Tex-Mex joint 3.5 stars. He likes their hand-made tortillas and tasty beef fajita gordita, (the "meat was crunchy on the outside yet tender on thee inside") but couldn't get behind the al pastor: "Once I took a bite, I was like whaaaa happen to the trompo???"

KVUE — Hollerin' Rob Balon and his incredible Cosby sweater visit the Jack Allen's Kitchen Round Rock location, which opened in October: "WHAT A CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR THE BELEAGUERED RESIDENTS OF THIS TECH-CENTRIC CITY!" And so on.

STAY HOPPY AUSTINHere's a review-listicle of "the best damn craft beers of 2012" according to Stay Hoppy. Included: the Austin Beerworks Sputnik ("this one was a home run"), Pinthouse Pizza's Bearded Seal ("the new kid on the block knocked it out of the park") and Namaste Brewing's Brahmale IPA.

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El Nuevo Mexico. [Photo: Marcus M./Yelp]

Jack Allen's Kitchen [Oak Hill]

7720 West Highway 71, Austin, TX 78735

El Nuevo Mexico

911 West Anderson Lane #120 Austin, TX 78757