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Salt & Time Gets Woody; Valentine's Singles Mixer

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EAST SIDE — Things are coming along wood-ily at the Salt & Time brick-and-mortar butcher shop on East Seventh Street. Check out their fancy pecan slab bar tops. [Eaterwire]

PFLUGERVILLE — New food truck park alert for the suburbanites in the house: the Pflugerville Pfood Ranch (see what they did there) is now open. Trucks include Hey Cupcake and Hall of Flame BBQ. [Austin360]

EAST SIDEIn.Gredients, the Manor Road "microgrocer" and beer stop, is hosting a singles mixer on Valentine's Day with games (Scrabble!) and beverages. [Eaterwire]

Salt & Time, in time. [Photo: Petrified Design/Facebook]

Salt & Time Butcher Shop And Salumeria

1912 E. Seventh Street, Austin, TX