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Tarka's Puntastic, Passable; Micklethwait Kills It

Here's where Austin food critics and bloggers ate this week:

FED MAN WALKING — Mike "Fed Man Walking" Sutter visits Tarka Indian Kitchen, "a Jason's Delhi for the suburban set." (Get it, Jason's Delhi!?) He calls the food "high-value," enjoying a hot, but not hot enough, lamb curry and tarka daal, "pure vegetarian comfort food."

SLOW DOWN AND SAVOR — Blogger Katie has some ocular issues after a lunch of "lunchey-type things" at Zed's in north Austin. She writes that the Bang Bang Shrimp "made my eyes roll back in my head with satisfaction" but shit got real when her "jaw-dropping" barbecue sandwich arrived: "it ACTUALLY dropped open and my eyes exploded from my head."

AUSTIN CHRONICLEMick Vann visits the east side's Micklethwait Craft Meats, housed in a vintage 1960 Comet food truck, where Vespaio veteran Tom Mickletwhait appears to be making some top-notch barbecue. He calls the brisket "superb," and the great things he'd heard about the sausages were "all true and then some," especially the "unctuously fantastic" duck with cherry.

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[Photo: Tarka Indian Kitchen/Facebook]

Tarka Indian Kitchen

2525 W. Anderson Lane Austin, TX 78757