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Despite Neighbors' Best Efforts, épicerie Cafe & Grocery Opens In Rosedale

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The nightmare is real for Rosedale residents who, last year, tried to "bloq" former Olivia sous chef Sarah McIntosh from opening épicerie Cafe & Grocery on Hancock Drive, which is now serving lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch as well as "gourmet grab-and-go, housemade charcuterie and local cheese" and other unspeakable horrors.

It's yet another Michael Hsu-designed restaurant space, formerly a hair salon, that angry neighbors decried as "a restaurant with outdoor seating and a wine and beer license." Now, those who live on the street will have no choice but to expose their children to the depravities of of hostess gifts, designer chocolates, artisan honeys and more. A press release sent this morning foreshadows the moral turpitude brought to the area by the Thomas Keller-trained chef McIntosh:

"When planning épicerie, McIntosh drew on years of cooking and entertaining, as well as favorite neighborhood marketplaces she's frequented in other cities but felt were missing in Austin. "Épicerie is all about the food I love to serve at home with friends and family, as well as all my favorite southern specialty grocery items that are difficult to find in Austin," says McIntosh. "The café and grocery is meant to be neighborhood-centric with a focus on community, comfort and convenience."
Operations manager Josh Palmer comes from houses of heathendom Second Bar + Kitchen and the Driskill Hotel.

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épicerie Cafe & Grocery

2307 Hancock Drive, Austin, TX