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Somms Under Fire Heats Up; Luxury Ice Cream's Coming

BARTON SPRINGS — Filling the gaping void in the area of food trucks named for second-tier Tommy Boy quotes, Tommy Want Wingy is now parked at Jessie Street Eats down south. [Austin Food Carts]

EXPANSIONWIRE — South Florida ice cream shop Sloan's is looking to open locations in Austin, an idea the Statesman calls "not that far-fetched," but maybe a little far-fetched, who even knows. [Austin American-Statesman]

DOWNTOWNSomms Under Fire will "test three leading sommeliers' food and beverage pairing skills in front of a live audience" on January 27th at the Driskill Hotel. Tickets are $55-$100. [Austinist]

[Photo: Tommy Want Wingy/Facebook]

Tommy Want Wingy

415 Jessie Street, Austin, TX