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week in reviews

2012_5_saltysow.jpgThree critics, three reviews, and no consensus on the Salty Sow. This week, the Austin Chronicle's Melanie Haupt reviews the "sleek, barn chic" restaurant, where duck fat fries are "decadent," the fish dishes fail (one served on "awful" grits) and the pork blade steak is "tough and chewy," though she declares the Sow's pork dishes, along with the veggies, to be its strong suit. Mike Sutter, on the other hand, called the fries an "appetite killer" but enjoyed the rest, while the Statesman's Matthew Odam rated the Salty Sow an 8 out of 10, though he felt it excelled with "non-porcine dishes ." [Chronicle/Fed Man Walking/Statesman]