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Franklin Barbecue's John Lewis Decamps To JMuellerBBQ

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Franklin Barbecue pit boss John Lewis has decamped for Austin barbecue rival JMuellerBBQ to "learn many ways to cook to be the best," before he heads to California, according to a tweet from John Mueller himself. Food blogger RL Reeves, Jr. spotted Lewis at Mueller's south side barbecue trailer on Saturday, despite Mueller's hopes of keeping a feeding frenzy of bloggers and critics away. Texas barbecue expert Daniel "BBQ Snob" Vaughn mused, a-twitter:

"I wonder if @bbqfranklin had any idea his former right hand man would show up @JMuellerBBQ Now I understand John M's proposed media blackout.
Lewis himself talked to some dudes from a real estate website back in May, explaining why Franklin sells out pretty much every day; maybe soon he'll be explaining the same thing to folks about JMuellerBBQ.

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John Lewis. [Photo: goodlifeteam]