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Lenoir Opens Wine Garden; Austin Daily Press Signage

EAST SIDE — Apparently in some circles it's a special occasion to eat everything on the East Side King menu, and not just "Friday." Serious Eats tackles the whole spread and talks with Paul Qui about his future restaurant plans. [Serious Eats]

SOUTH FIRST — "So many" menu changes are underway at Lenoir, and they're also opening their backyard wine garden this week. [Eaterwire]

EAST SIDE — The Austin Daily Press food truck announced their brick-and-mortar plans for a delivery/take-out space at MLK and Chicon back in July, and today Scrumptious Chef spots signage. [Eaterwire/Scrumptious Chef]

[Photo: Raphael Brion/EATX]

East Side King

401 Franklin Street, , TX 77201 Visit Website

East Side King at Shangri-La

1016 East 6th St # B Austin, TX 78702