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Aaron Franklin Doesn't Believe In Dogmatic Barbecue

Aaron Franklin's got big plans for the Franklin Barbecue future, and they include beef ribs, whole pork chops and rib-eye steaks, or so he tells Gabe Ulla today over at the Eater National mothership. The king of Austin barbecue talks smoked meat dogma, the Franklin expansion and cheffing versus pitmastering:

But I'm still a pitmaster and not a chef. I deal with huge pieces of meats and try to cook them well. Chefs, for the most part, have it so that the whole world is theirs. In what I do, there are just a few things: there is a fire somewhere, and there is meat somewhere. It's more about how you are going to cook it and deal with the elements, as opposed to messing around with it too much.
He's also not too keen on barbecue exclusivity: "There isn't really smart barbecue or dumb barbecue." But there are lots more nuggets of wisdom from Franklin, so read on.

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[Photo: Raymond Thompson/EATX]

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