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Make A Lenoir Float; Join The Buc-ee's Bathroom Panic

SOUTH FIRST — Want to make a watermelon soda float the way Lenoir's Jessica Maher does it? Bon Appetit has her recipe. [Bon Appetit]

EAST SIDETRIBEZA talks to chef Paul Hargrove about the changes he's made to the menu at the East Side Showroom now that he's taken over from Sonya Coté. Because it looks like a "French gastropub," Hargrove says he tries to "bridge the food together with the décor of the restaurant." [TRIBEZA]

NEW BRAUNFELS — Everyone is losing their shit over how big the new Buc-ee's roadside wonderland convenience store-slash-gateway to heaven is, particularly the bathrooms. Scroll down to check out the timeless WSJ illustration of the beaver mascot. [WSJ]

[Photo: Andrea Grimes/EATX]

East Side Showroom [Closed]

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