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Dallas People Open "Austin-Style" Bar With "Skinny" Drinks

Some Dallas bar owners have opened an "Austin-style" bar in the city's yuppie-posh Uptown neighborhood, arguably the least Austin-like area north of, say, Rundberg Lane. It's called 6th Street-Uptown, because Sixth Street drinking party Austin weird taco time! Just like all Austin bars, it has a selection of "skinny" cocktails called "6th Street Skinnies," playing on the classic stereotype of Austinites being preoccupied with physical appearances above all else. Via the Dallas Morning News, the bar owners have also paid close attention to Austinites' famous love of dark wood and copper accents:

The space was renovated, with garage doors on the front of the bar which open up to a patio. "It's great for people who just pop on in," said spokesperson Catherine Shuler. Inside the downstairs area are two bars with dark woods, brick wall accents, and steel. The upstairs has one bar with copper accents, and bands will occasionally play up there.
As they always say: Austin is the occasional live music capital of the world, sometimes.

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Photo presumably taken right before Willie Nelson, Lance Armstrong, Mack Brown, Alejandro Escovedo, Molly Ivins, Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, Ann Richards, Stevie Ray Vaughn, O. Henry and Michael Dell walked into the bar. [Photo: Thrillist]