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Here's A First Look At Dai Due Chef Jesse Griffiths' Afield, With Foreword From Andrew Zimmern

Get the first look at Dai Due chef Jesse Griffiths' Afield: A Chef's Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish over at the Eater National mothership, including a somehow .... pastoral look at the basics of butchering a feral hog and a smoked catfish terrine recipe. Noted television chefsonality and Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern wrote the foreword in which he describes Griffiths thusly:

He is a tireless worker, who hunts and fishes, appreciates our great outdoors, understands the importance of what we need to preserve in our cultural heritage, and translates it for the modern age—is there anything more important?
Click through to Eater to read the rest.

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