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Join Easy Tiger's 'Mug Club'; Guide To Campus Eats

DOWNTOWN — The Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden has launched a "Mug Club," wherein patrons pay $45 and get an Easy Tiger t-shirt, a mug, headband, 21 oz. draft beers at 16 oz. prices and a Mug Club card that will earn "points redeemable for gifts from our Reserve Beer list." [Eaterwire]

CAMPUS — School at the University of Texas is back in session, and the Austin Post has a campus eats guide for students that includes Sao Paolo's ("for showing off on a date") and a sorta-recommend for the Spiderhouse, which gets a "go for the atmosphere, not the prices (or the service)." [Austin Post]

ALAMOWIREFood & Wine listicles up with the "Best Movie Theaters For Food Lovers," and sit the eff down because you're not going to believe this, the Alamo Drafthouse made the list. [F&W]

[Photo: Raymond Thompson/EATX]

Easy Tiger

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Easy Tiger

709 E. Sixth Street, Austin, TX