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Tell Eater About Your Favorite FOH Staff Members

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Jack Allen's Kitchen.
Jack Allen's Kitchen.
Photo: Raymond Thompson/EATX

This week on Eater Austin, we're shining a light on the unsung heroes of the restaurant world: Austin's servers, hosts, bus persons, general managers, and bartenders that make eaters and drinkers return to their favorite spots again and again. Starting this afternoon, some of the city's top food writers, media types and industry professionals will share their stories of great service, but Eater Austin also wants to hear about the front-of-house staff that you, the readers, respect most.

Is there a server, bartender, host, or GM that deserves a little love? Send your thoughts to the tipline (shills will die a fiery death in the Eater Incinerator, so save yourselves the time, PR flaks) detailing why this particular staffer does such a great job. We'll round up your stories at the end of the week.