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Casino El Camino Owner To Shush The Scoot Inn

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The owner of legendary Sixth Street hamburger joint Casino El Camino is taking over ownership of east side hipster-tonk the Scoot Inn. Casino Eighmey tells former Statesman music critic Michael Corcoran, "We're going to keep the name, but the format will be different."

Don't get your hopes up for giant burgers, Scoot Inn-style. Eighmey says food trucks will serve at his version of the Scoot Inn, and "live music would be limited to special occasions like SXSW or during the ROT bike rally." A goodbye shindig will be held on August 31 as the former owners move on to their new project, West Campus cocktail bar Freedmen's.

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[Photo: Scoot Inn/Facebook]

Scoot Inn

1308 East 4th Street Austin, TX 78702