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Woodpile BBQ Opens Saturdays Only In Southwest Austin

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For just over a week now, southwest Austin has officially been home to the new Woodpile BBQ truck. According to the official story, pitmaster Levi Smith (that's his beardy, welcoming smile over there at the right) grew up on a cattle ranch in Driftwood but made a living in the decidedly un-smoky world of corporate healthcare before putting his years of backyard cooking to the test with Woodpile, because "feeding people is [his] favorite pastime."

The trailer is open on Saturdays only, from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. or whenever they run out of meat. Maybe you wanna be like this guy and bring a lawn chair to secure your place in line?

· Woodpile BBQ [Official]
· Man Up Texas BBQ: First In Line At Woodpile BBQ [YouTube]

[Photo: Woodpile BBQ/Facebook]

Woodpile BBQ

9300 U.S. 290, Austin, TX 78736