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Does The Noble Pig Have The USA's Best Sandwich?

Adam Richman and sandwiches.
Adam Richman and sandwiches.
Photo: Travel Channel

Professional teevee eatsonality Adam Richman has already declared the Noble Pig's seared beef tongue sandwich to be the "best sandwich in the Southwest." But is it the best sandwich ... in the entire whole gigantic stinking United States of America?

The time for the absolute ultimate in televised sandwich-related hyperbole is tonight at 8 p.m., when the Noble Pig competes against nine other American stacks of food between bread to find out whether a guy on television likes one of their sandwiches better than he likes one of the sandwiches that other restaurants make.

And the Noble Pig? Well, they say they're in it to win it: "I think the winner should get a championship belt that they can carry around!"

UPDATE: The answer to the headline question is, sadly, no.

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