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Years After Fire, Midtown Live Returns As Sports Bar

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A North Austin nightclub that burned down in 2005 while police and dispatchers celebrated the destruction—"Burn baby burn" and "I got some extra gasoline if they need it" were just two messages sent while the club succumbed to fire—has returned, with the owners of Midtown Live holding a soft opening last night for friends, family and even some Austin police officers. Reports KVUE:

Co-owners Selena Cash and her son, Michael Cash, welcomed their first customers Monday morning. The sports bar and restaurant remains in the same location, at 7408 Cameron Road.

"This is home. This is our house," Michael Cash said. "We were going to reopen it, no matter what."

The owners told KVUE that this time, the venue will cater to an "older, more established crowd." One return customer who's spent seven years waiting for the venue to reopen called it a "family reunion."

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The reimagined Midtown Live. [Photo: KVUE]

Midtown Live

7408 Cameron Road, Austin, TX 78752