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Where There's More Smoke, More Meat: Franklin Barbecue's Expanding Kitchen, Adding To-Go Window

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Franklin Barbecue.
Franklin Barbecue.
Photo: Raymond Thompson/EATX

By now, just saying the words "Franklin Barbecue" ought to conjure up images of early-morning lines, with meat-craving patrons queued up for hours to get their mouths on some of Aaron Franklin's famous brisket. Franklin's wife, Stacy, manages the crowd, and today she tells Eater Austin that her job may get just an eensy-bit easier: in the next six weeks or so, the much-lauded east side barbecue joint is growing. They're not adding any new locations, but they are adding kitchen space and a dedicated to-go window on the Franklin patio.

"The biggest thing will be that our smokers will be all under one roof, and the pitmaster will not get wet when it rains," writes Franklin via e-mail, adding cheekily, "Hopefully it will rain." She writes that the new kitchen space will "hopefully give us the ability to have a to-go window onto the patio, and hopefully shorten both lines."

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Franklin Barbecue

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