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Can You Help Two Austin Bakers Start A Sugar Circus?

Whether folks are into vegan sweets or traditional baked eats, the Sugar Circus bakery on the East Side aims to keep Austin stuffed with their pastry snackage of choice. But they can't do it without a little help, which is why Belinda Espinoza and Meghan Krasnoff, of SugarPOP Sweet Shop and Sugar Tooth Bakery respectively, launched a Kickstarter hoping to raise $10,000 so they can open their bakery in a little blue house.

The ladies are raising money until September 7th, and contributors can look forward to free cupcakes, Sugar Circus aprons and other goodies as a sweet reward for helping out.

Video: Sugar Circus Pitches Their Pastries

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Sugar Circus (Someday)

2613 E. 5th St, Austin, TX