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Patron Leaves Generous "Fuck U!" As Tip At Trudy's

Via Reddit, some real cool person threw a temper tantrum right there on a $32.48 Trudy's check last night, calling a server at the South Star location a "lazy bitch" for adhering to the restaurant's no-check-splitting policy.

"Do your own fucking math," scrawled the patron, who thoughtfully left "Fuck U!" as an added tip on top of the automatic gratuity for a large party.

According to the general manager over at Trudy's Texas Star, "As a company we do not split individual checks unless for business purposes such as alcohol needing to be removed from the tab." But they do take separate payments if patrons want to specify an amount to charge to their credit cards or drop cash if they'd like to ... do their own fucking math.

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[Photo: Reddit]

Trudy's South Star

901-C Little Texas Lane Austin, TX 78745