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Toobing This Summer? Here Are The Booze Rules.

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Stay classy, toobers.
Stay classy, toobers.
Photo: Don's Fish Camp/Facebook

Tourism has slowed in New Braunfels after the recent implementation of a city-wide "can ban" that prohibits alcohol unless it's carried in a reusable container. Here's the deal, people: you can totally still drink and toob, you just have to get a little more creative with your apparatus.

But what if you're toobing in San Marcos? Didn't they ban booze, too? Not really, and not yet.

First off: no glass containers are allowed anywhere, so don't be that asshole. You also can't bring styrofoam on the Comal or Guadalupe Rivers, and no containers under 5 ounces are allowed (read: no Jello shots).

In New Braunfels: "Beer and liquor are still allowed on the river if poured into reusable containers," reassures the Associated Press. You can buy all manner of plastic containers and such at most toobing rental stops, but sometimes at a premium price. Here's why it's good news, anyway: toob-related crimes are down and the city says it collected "about 15 percent" of the amount of trash that it cleaned up in May 2011. Look for signs in certain parks where no open alcoholic containers are allowed.

In San Marcos: Yes, the city has passed new booze rules, but they don't go into effect until January of 2013. When they do, the minimum fine for public boozing will be $250. You can still possess booze in a public park ("for example, if someone brought beer in a cooler") and if you're in the river, you can drink away as long as you're not on the river bank itself. The city will provide access points to the river for booze-carriers. Styrofoam will be banned.

Elsewhere: Privately-owned spots like Don's Fish Camp in Martindale? Drink your cans of beer and throw your shit in the river like you always do, because the environment is stupid and the worst. Rules are also going to be far more lax in places like Canyon Lake, where for example, there are no music restrictions.

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