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Bastille Day At Justine's; The Austin Horchata Hunt

EASTSIDE -- Francophilic bistro Justine's on the far east side is hosting a Bastille Day party, of course. Not so of course? The restaurant will be "transformed into a disco inferno." Tickets are $20. [Eaterwire]

ALLANDALE -- Mike Sutter whipped out all the adjectives ("majestic stalks of Swiss chard, aflame at the base with ribbed flames running through taffeta folds of green") for this piece on Fonda San Miguel's garden-grown menu. [Fed Man Walking]

SUMMERWIRE -- CultureMap Austin goes on a hunt for the city's best horchata, and finds some good candidates at Zocalo and Fiesta, but not at Fresa's, where "it tasted a bit like sour cream." [Culture Map]

Justine's. [Photo: Raymond Thompson/EATX]


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