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Austin Bug Festival Is A Real Thing Where You Eat Bugs

When the apocalypse comes, are you going to be foraging in your pantry for that last can of whatever was too gross to even give to the food bank, or are you going to be enjoying a delicious feast of wasps and mealworms? Austin survivalist Marjory Wildcraft—she's Infowars-endorsed!—hopes it's the latter, which is why she's been hosting the Austin Bug Festival at Zilker Park for the past five--five--years. Oh, PR Newswire bait, you are so shiny!

It's a zany experience, party and potluck where people come together to learn about, and experience, eating insects. Alan Davison is the co-host for the evening. In between grilling up and passing around plates of freshly cooked bugs, Alan offers the lore of edibility, preparing, cooking, and eating insects.
This year's BYOB (bring your own bugs) festival is June 23rd at 5:30 p.m. at the Rock Garden Picnic Area at Zilker. Kids get in free, but "frown-ups" must fork over $5 for their portion of the june bugs, scorpions and other insects on offer.

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[Photo: Marjory Wildcraft/Official]

Zilker Park

2100 Barton Springs Road Austin, Texas 78704