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Old-School Craft Family Celis To Brew In Austin Again

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Beer nerds, rejoice: Celis Beer is coming back to Austin. Twenty years ago, Belgian beer enthusiast (as in, dude was actually Belgian and really into Belgian beer) Pierre Celis opened a brewery in Austin, introducing Belgian-style wheat beer made from hundreds-of-years-old recipes to palates largely unfamiliar with craft-style beermaking. (Perhaps you've heard of Hoegaarden? He's responsible for it.) But investors later sold out the brand name and Pierre died in April 2011.

Now, his daughter has reclaimed the Celis name and they're back in business. Via I Love Beer, the official press release:

“It has been my personal dream and passion to carry on my father’s legacy. After his death last year, we stepped up the intensity of our plans for a new brewery and re-acquiring the family name was the one thing we really needed to begin moving forward. Now that we have the right to brew my Dad’s famous recipes under our own name once again, nothing can stop me from making that a reality,” says Christine.
Keep an eye on their Facebook page and Twitter account for updates.

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Celis bottle top. [Photo: Celis/Facebook]