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Independence Pint Night At Hopfields; NATY Market

DRIFTWOOD -- Some business dude in Boston is super impressed with the Salt Lick's customer feedback practices. You can feel the khaki-clad excitement: "Theoretically speaking, they don't need to solitcit feedback about how good their mail order business is, the business will make money based on its already stellar reputation." []

CAMPUS -- Campus-area gastropub Hopfields is hosting an Independence Brewery Pint Night tonight at 6 p.m., and via Facebook: they "are also going to be giving away some very very cool snifters with the purchase of the Saison!" [Eaterwire]

CRESTVIEW -- The North Austin Trailer Yard is launching its first-ever "Market Days" on June 30th and July 1st, where local makers will team up with the food truck park to sell snacks and wares. [Eaterwire]

Who passes up an excuse to run the photo of Coach Taylor smoking some meats? [Photo: @SaltLickBBQ]


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North Austin Trailer Yard

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Salt Lick

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