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Parind Vora's Jezebel To Return Downtown This Fall

Fine diners with fond memories of Jezebel, Chef Parind Vora's fancy-pants downtown restaurant that burned in the summer of 2010, mark your calendars for September: that's when Vora's bringing back Jezebel, with accompanying "made from scratch upscale bar & grill " Bar Mirabeau on West Sixth Street. Mike "Fed Man Walking" Sutter spotted Vora's employment ads on Craigslist over the weekend and has the jam:

The new Jezebel, where Vora will be the chef, will focus on prix-fixe dinners of three, four or seven courses for $75, $85 and $125 respectively — the same pricing as before the fire. For perspective, Wink does five courses for $68 and seven for $98. David Bull’s Congress does three for $75, seven for $125. It’s clear where Jezebel’s targets are set.
Vora currently owns Braise on the East Side. He's tapped former Taste Select Wines and Taverna chef Bill McGrory to run the kitchen at Mirabeau, which will serve a more affordable breakfast, lunch and dinner while Jezebel will serve dinner only, six nights a week.

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[Photo: Facade Consultants]

Restaurant Jezebel / Bar Mirabeau

800 W 6th St Austin, TX 78701