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Paul Qui, That Sly Minx, Refuses To Satisfy Curious Fans

Top Chef Paul Qui.
Top Chef Paul Qui.

Top Chef winner Paul Qui of Uchiko fame does not have, as his first priority, satisfying the desperate needs of curious fans who want to know if he's opening a noodle house or a Japanese curry place or what. Eater National talked to Qui at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic over the weekend, and learned basically that Paul Qui is toying with our little hearts the way a cat toys with a catnip mouse that loves the cat's Jar Jar Duck. When asked what's next in the Qui restaurant world, he says:

There's going to be two to three surprises in Austin, maybe one at East Side King, one at my restaurants. I've been purposely vague about it. [laughter] It'll be more fun for you guys if it's a surprise.
Of the rumored noodle house: "If I spent the time in Japan learning how to make noodles, I'd consider it." But he hasn't. Of the rumored Japanese curry: "Deny!" What he will confirm: he's doing a pop-up in New York City later this summer.

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