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Real Ale Gets Canned; Salty Sow Chef Talks Meat, Menu

EAST SIDE -- The Salty Sow's Chef Harold Marmulstein talks to CultureMap Austin about "trying to go with not center of the plate" and haters who say, "Oh gee, you guys ruined the neighborhood. You made a Dallas restaurant in here." [CultureMap ATX]

NEW BRAUNFELS -- The can-banning City Of New Braunfels wants to be really clear on how it is only kind of a fogey-pants buzzkill, instead of being a full-throttle fogey-pants buzzkill: you can drink while floating the river, but your booze has to be "in a thermos or some sort of container." [KXAN]

BEERWIRE -- Real Ale's now available in cans. We'd make the obligatory inappropriate can pun, but Austin Beer Guide beat us to it. [ABG]

BFE -- This September, the Lake Creek Village shopping center is getting a Taco Shack, "Complete with a convenient Drive-Thru, we hope to see you there!!!" [Eaterwire]

[Photo: Salty Sow/Facebook]

Salty Sow

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