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Mystery Pizza Giveaway: Where's This Pie From? (Updated: We Have A Winner!)

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2012_5_pizzaboxesThink you know your Austin pizzas? Test your knowledge against the rumbling in your stomach after taking a good, long look at our fourth installment of Eater Pizza Week's mystery pizza giveaway.

Here's how it works: we show you a picture of a pizza available from a local Austin pizza joint, and you use your powers of deduction to figure out where it's from. Then, e-mail us your answer. If you're the first person to correctly identify the pizza's origin, you get a free pie of your choice from that particular pizza joint.


Think you know where this pizza calls home? E-mail us to win, and make sure you include your full name!

UPDATE: This pizza is Japanese! Daniel Vincent correctly guessed that it's from Osaka Soul. Congrats, Daniel!

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