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Noka Toronto Takes Down Uchi Copycat Website

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"Our new website will be up soon." That's the official Twitter word from Noka, the Toronto restaurant with the decidedly Uchi-esque website we called out for copycattage earlier today. After briefly changing some of the text they'd copied verbatim from Uchi's site (pictured at right), the website has been taken offline entirely.

Eater Austin contacted site designer Elvis Li, who says his company "created the website based on the layout design from somebody else" (you don't say!) and that they're currently working on a redesign.

· @NokaToronto [Twitter]
· Toronto's Noka Rips Off Uchi/Uchiko's Menu, Design [-EATX-]


4200 North Lamar Boulevard, , TX 78756 (512) 916-4808 Visit Website


904 Westheimer Road, , TX 77006 (713) 522-4808 Visit Website

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