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Rosedale Neighbors Coq-Blocking New French Resto

A group of Rosedale neighborhood residents are trying to "Block Le Coq," that is, stop the new Le Coq Rouge restaurant from going into a former hair salon site at 2307 Hancock. According to Austinist, the new French restaurant is a Michael Hsu-designed joint (think: Uchiko, La Condesa) but neighbors don't give a fuck how nice the place is, they want neither a parking nightmare nor beer and wine being consumed mere tens of feet from their sleeping toddlers. Via this step-by-step guide to going full NIMBY from writer Sara Smith, number 10:

Talk with your neighbors and find that you're not the only person who's not superpsyched to have a dumpster, grease trap, outdoor dining, and beer and wine consumption 50 feet from where your toddler sleeps.
Any area residents who are also pissed off about tiny moustaches, crepes and/or a "distinct uptick in the amount of Mercedes traffic" in their hood can get anti-Coq yard signs via the Block Le Coq Facebook group.

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Won't someone think of the single-family home-owners for once!? [Photo: Where the Coq may be blocked]

Le Coq Rouge

2307 Hancock Drive, Austin, TX