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What's The Worst Pizza In Austin? (Updated: We Have A Winner Loser!)

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Eater Austin's daily mystery pizza giveaways and our map of our sixteen favorite pizza places in Austin both show that for a city that's not exactly widely known for pizza excellence, Austin has a lot of remarkable pies. That doesn't mean it's all coming up pizza roses, however: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Bad Pizza Power Hour.

To kick things off, Eater wants to hear your nominees for the title of Worst Pizzeria in Austin, so please do add your suggestions in the comments. And if you think there's a place that's especially overrated, share that with the class too. At the end of the hour, we'll announce a "worst" winner ... or loser, that is.

After a Bad Pizza Power Hour of taking comments, we've secured a majority. Sorry, Roppolo's! You may be the number one choice of super drunk people downtown looking for a slice to soak up the booze, but Eaters are not impressed. Writes Kyle9o5:

Even drunk at 2am, this stuff is not good. If you're out on 6th st., do yourself a favor, walk down the street and try the pizza from Jackalope; cheaper and tastier!"

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