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Host A St-Germain Party


Spring has sprung, and there's no better way to celebrate the beginning of the season than with St-Germain. Made from handpicked elderflowers native to France, it makes an elegant addition whether you’re planning a romantic picnic for two or partying outdoors with friends. Its subtle flavor allows it to pair easily with complementary spirits. A classic celebratory pairing combines St-Germain with Champagne, but bartenders in Austin are using it with more than just bubbly. Vodka, gin, rye, rum, tequila and bourbon all play well with St-Germain. See Eater’s map of where to find St-Germain in and out of the bottle. À votre santé!

For Austinites who prefer their St-Germain by the bottle, look no further than Twin Liquors in the Hancock Center. Al Jabour, the store’s manager said that when they first began carrying the spirit a year and half ago it primarily attracted mixology buffs, but as the reputation has grown he’s seeing a much more diverse crowd buying it. Assistant Manager Jessica Tantillo said she finds St-Germain pairs well with Spanish Cava, noting their display up front pushing that exact mixture. “St-Germain is such an elegant, floral liquor and the combination of the flavors and the bubbles just makes it really fun.” She noted that St-Germain brings out the botanicals and adds a certain softness to the juniper notes in gin. Al admitted St-Germain wasn’t a very hard sell. “Once people learn about the elderflowers and the way it is made, they come in asking for it by name.” Try it out for your self at your next get together.

St-Germain and Cava

1.5 oz. St-Germain
4 oz. Cava

Pour shot of St-Germain into a glass of ice. Top off with Cava and add a lemon twist.